Career Mentor Program

We are committed to helping prepare diverse individuals for the transition from school into the tech industry and helping provide the tools and guidance needed to ensure success throughout their chosen career path.

The primary goal of this program is to prepare the college student mentee for a successful transition out of academia and into industry.  Secondary goals include creating a mentorship network which each mentee can rely on and connect with throughout their future career.

We at Future Ada recognize the importance of mentorship in helping each of us along our paths.  Each of us have benefited from mentorship in one form or another in our careers and want to ensure that the next generation of students get this same opportunity.

As part of this program we offer workshops throughout the year that are also open to the community.

Careers in Tech Resume & Interview Workshop

We offer this workshop twice a year for free to the community with a focus on under-represented groups in tech.  Our workshop is setup in stations focusing on different important aspects of the interview process. We want to be sure you have all your bases covered before walking into a real interview.

Resume Review

Bring your up-to-date resume for tech industry professionals to review and provide feedback. Ask questions and walk away with a top notch resume ready for use. Resumes are needed for job applications but can also be useful to provide to current employers during annual reviews.

Interview Prep

Have a casual Q & A session with our local professionals about what to expect from tech interviews. Find out what you can expect from different tech roles you interview for and what you can expect from different companies.

Mock Interview

Practice what you’ve learned in a mock interview style session. Answer common questions encountered during tech interviews, white board common algorithms, and see how you perform under a little pressure in a safe environment.

Personal Online Branding Workshop

Coming soon!!