We offer a growing list of programs to the community. If you are interested in helping start up a new program, volunteer or sponsor an existing program, contact us at 

Career Mentor Program

We have partnered with Eastern Washington University’s Career Services and Computer Science departments to run the pilot version of this program. This program pairs up STEAM students with corresponding industry professionals in a group mentorship style setup. Students are grouped with a mentor who works with them for an academic year from fall to spring. The mentor guides the students along a path to ensure they are best prepared for entering industry and landing their first job.

Activities can include:

  • Discussions around professionalism
  • Reviewing resumes
  • Attending career fairs
  • Coordinating job shadows and office tours
  • Performing mock interviews
  • Help with landing internships and jobs
  • Guidance on negotiation during job interviews

Django Girls Spokane

Django Girls is an international program that helps train women to program using Python and Django. We host the Spokane Django Girls workshop every year in the late summer or early fall. This is a one day free workshop for women and non-binary individuals in town who are interested in learning basic programming skills in a safe and welcoming environment. Our attendees can walk in the door with little to no programming knowledge and leave the workshop with a working website and blog that they wrote. It’s amazing to see the transformation and excitement in the attendees throughout the day!

PS Workshop

Our privacy and security (PS) workshop is a monthly series open to the whole community. We understand that online privacy and security is complex. Our goal is to help the community at large be safer in the online space and thus we offer the below workshops for free to the public. If you are interested in having a custom workshop or bringing one of these workshops to your school or organization, contact us at

The Basics

This workshop teaches the basics of keeping yourself safe online in our one hour workshop!

Online Harassment

The Internet is where you can encounter online harassment, cyber stalking, and revenge porn. We hope you never find yourself the target of any of this traumatizing behavior. But we want to be sure you know what to do to protect yourself ahead of time and help you know what to do if you do find yourself in this position and how to safely protect yourself.

Community Organizers

As a community organizer, activist, or public figure, you are in the public spotlight more than the rest of the community.

Women in Tech Interview Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to help prepare women and non-binary individuals going into the technology industry for getting their first job out of school, seeking their next career move, or to help folks keep their interview skills sharp. Our workshop is setup in stations focusing on different important aspects of the interview process. We want to be sure you have all your bases covered before walking into a real interview.

Resume Review

Bring your up-to-date resume for tech industry professionals to review and provide feedback. Ask questions and walk away with a top notch resume ready for use. Resumes are needed for job applications but can also be useful to provide to current employers during annual reviews.

Interview Prep

Have a casual Q & A session with our local professionals about what to expect from tech interviews. Find out what you can expect from different tech roles you interview for and what you can expect from different companies.

Mock Interviews

Practice what you’ve learned in a mock interview style session. Answer common questions encountered during tech interviews, white board common algorithms, and see how you perform under a little pressure in a safe environment.



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