Privacy & Security

We understand that online privacy and security is complex. No one should feel like they can’t protect themselves, their family, or their personal data in the digital world.  Cybersecurity and the technology used in security often can be confusing but we work to make these tools approachable for people of all levels of tech savvy.  

#SecurityForAll #PrivacyForAll

To help our community, we offer public quarterly free workshops that dive into different aspects of personal digital privacy and security. These workshops are also available on demand for organizations or groups and can be catered to your specific concerns.  Email us at if you want to talk to us about working with your organization for a custom workshop.


Privacy and Security Basics

This workshop teaches the basics of keeping yourself safe online in our one hour workshop!

Youth-focused Privacy and Security

Our normal Privacy and Security Basics workshop catered to a youth audience.

Cyber Harassment / Stalking

The Internet is where you can encounter online harassment and cyber stalking. We hope you never find yourself the target of any of this traumatizing behavior. But we want to be sure you know what to do to protect yourself ahead of time and help you know what to do if you do find yourself in this position and how to safely protect yourself.

Revenge Porn

The topic of revenge porn is deep and so critically important to understand that we have pulled it out into its own workshop.  We focus on the actions which qualify as revenge porn, what laws exist to help (or not), and what you can do to protect yourself if you ever find yourself in one of these situations.

Security for Community Organizers

As a community organizer, activist, or public figure, you are in the public spotlight more than the rest of the community.

Open Office Hours

Every month we offer an Open Office Hours session for community members to drop by with any of your general technology or computer-related questions during our Open Office Hours, as our IT professionals help assist you. This service is free, and is offered monthly at the Downtown Public Library on a first come first serve basis.

Individual Privacy and Security Help

Need some specific privacy and security help or looking for more of a one-on-one assistance?  We are happy to help! Send us an email at